Maya is Mint's younger sister and princess of the East Heaven Kingdom. She's also the heir to the throne to become the future queen of the kingdom. Maya is the current holder of the Book of Cosmos, East Heaven Kingdom's relic.


While Mint is lazy, violent and bad mannered, Maya is the exact opposite. Maya is serious, wise, prideful and graceful.

Throughout the story of the game it seems Maya and Mint despise each other and bash on one another whenever possible. However, although they do not see eye to eye and do not agree on most subjects, the two do cared about each other in their own special way.


Maya alongside with Doll Master talked to the council to prevent Mint from becoming the future queen of the kingdom, due to her inappropriate behavior for a princess. Maya decided that as future queen, Mint will have to obey her rules, otherwise she'd have to force her to; starting with feeding her pumpkin and making her life miserable.

While Mint ran away to search for Velan's relic, she and Doll master made sure they're one step ahead of Mint to ensure she won't break the seal. However, Maya was tricked by Doll Master, who intended the entire time to break the seal and resurrect Velan using the Dewprism. Maya was in that time locked away while Mode Master impersonated her and caused disaster at Carona Town in the search for the Prima Doll.

In the end of both endings of the game a secret ending is unlocked at which Maya alongside with Rue, found another doll created by Velan and what they shall do with it.

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