Rue 1

Rue with the Arc Edge.

Rue is a powerful, organic doll created by Valen, the most powerful of the Aeons, in order to serve him. He has a gentle, honest, hard-working, brave, and humble personality (a foil to Mint's character). Rue was cast into hibernation for years until he woke up alone in a temple, confused and weak. He limped out into the snow and collapsed. There, he was found by a woman named Claire, who took him in and cared for him. Rue grew close to Claire in the years that passed. However, he was shattered when Claire was killed in a confrontation with Doll Master, another doll created by Valen that had come to recruit Rue in an attempt to resurrect Valen. Infuriated, Rue unleashed his latent and dormant powers, managing to cast Doll Master away, and pined over Claire. He managed to meld her soul with his, thanks to the fragment of the Dewprism he has in his forehead, and he then grabbed his Arc Edge (his main weapon) and began his adventure to bring her back. He heard of the relic and its powers, and went to Carona in search of it. This threw him into Mint's path.


Rue 2

Rue's story begins at a cabin in an unnamed wooded area. Rue is looking out the window when Claire, the woman Rue lives with, asks him what's bothering him. Rue comments on the snowstorm stopping and the clear sky makes him feel uneasy. Claire comforts him and tells him to take a trip the following morning and Rue agrees. Claire serves dinner and doesn't eat right away. She tells Rue she was thinking about the day they met. Suddenly they hear a noise from outside and Rue, after investigating, believes it to be a wolf. However he finds a sinister creature with a large black hand waiting for him and challenging Rue to a fight. Claire comes out as Rue is struck down. As she tries to help Rue, she is killed by the creature.

Three years later, Rue is on a ship approaching Carona, where it is rumored a mystical relic is buried somewhere near. This relic possibly has the power to revive Claire. Rue has made it his duty to find the relic and save Claire no matter what. He then overhears two thugs named Blood and Smokey talking about a treasure and realizes he is not the only one searching for the relic. Soon after the ship crashes as something red speeds past it. Rue makes it to shore and overhears the thugs talking about an ancient ruins in the forest. Rue explores the town and learns that a girl named Elena has ventured into the woods alone to search for her parents who haven't been seen for 5 days. Rue enters the forest and fights monsters with his arc edge until he comes across Blood and Smokey holding a girl hostage. Rue admits he can't show himself as a human or they might hurt the girl. Rue uses his power to transform and takes on the appearance of a pollywog. Rue gets close enough and bites the brothers so they attack him. After defeating them Rue approaches Elena who believes him to be a pollywog. Rue tries to correct her but she doesn't seem to understand and rushes on ahead of Rue when he agrees to accompany her. His last thought is of this girl being silly to believe him to be a monster. He pauses and then becomes saddened stating "Maybe I am".

Upon further exploration, they find Elena's parents, Klaus and Mira, who were researching the fabled relic. Klaus twisted his ankle trying to scale the cliff-side halting their progress and return home. Elena introduces Rue to her parents and tells them he is also searching for the relic. Rue and Elena's father decide to work together to find the relic and her parents give him the direction to a magician's atelier where they believe there is a key to finding the relic. Rue continues on ahead and arrives at the atelier and is confronted by the atelier's guardian Nightmare. Rue defeats the guardian as Klaus and his family arrive. Klaus heads inside and begins reading from the hundreds of books there. Rue finds a vault and Klaus figures out how to open it. Inside is a diary written in an ancient language and some sort of magic key. Klaus explains that the diary claims the relic was made by a powerful one of the Aeons, supreme beings with powerful magic, that once ruled the world but have since faded from existence. They believe some of these relics have the power to grant any wish. As Klaus asks what Rue would wish for, a mysterious girl interrupts them claiming she wants to use the relic to rule the world. She tries to attack Rue but trips and ends up hurting herself. She leaves claiming they haven't seen the last of her, revealing to be a princess named Mint. Rue and Klaus are left pondering what just happened.

Back in town Rue meets up with Klaus who tells him about the underground ruins in the forest where the Grand Magician Elroy's Atelier is located. Before Rue leaves he meets a weapon maker named Rod. He claims one day he will make the worlds best weapon. He is also a fighter and challenges Rue to a match. After the fight Rod comments on Rue's skills and tells him to come back anytime. Rue heads towards the ruins and meets Mint, who offers a partnership. The two enter the ruins through a portal/gate and begin searching it. Rue finds Mint in front of a boulder and they accidentally set it off, Rue evades it but Mint is knocked out. Rue continues on ahead into a room with a lake. It is revealed Mint is conscious again and never really wanted a partnership but wanted to use Rue to help herself. She attempts to sabotage Rue but as she goes to dropkick him, he bends down to tie his shoe lace and she falls into the lake. Rue battles with a skeletal creature and makes his way into the Atelier, finding a cube and a tiara. As he begins to leave he runs into a pair of treasure hunters named Belle and Duke. They want the items Rue found and Rue ends up fighting Duke, whose fighting style is based on comics and movies. Rue beats Duke but fails to notice Belle who swipes the Tiara from him. Rue chases them but unfortunately comes across the skeletal creature again which sidetracks him as the duo get away. Defeated this time, Rue returns to town.

Rue informs Klaus of what happened and apologizes for losing the tiara but Klaus understands and tells Rue not to worry. He also informs Rue that he has discovered the location of the relic, the lake ruins, but since the ruins is sealed with magic, they need to find a way to get in. Klaus suggests that the cube may be the answer but without instructions they don't know how to use it. Klaus then, a little unwillingly, suggests that they ask Fancy Mel for help. Fancy Mel is local witch who has a reputation for being weird. Rue believes they have no choice so Klaus gives him directions to Mel's Atelier. Before his trip Rue goes to the lakeside and observes the ruins. He thinks to himself that he is so close to his goal and asks Claire to wait just a little longer.

Rue 3

Rue goes to Mel's Atelier and starts to understand her reputation as he enters her realm. Everything is bright and mostly pink and the ground seems to be a solid cloud-like substance. Mel is not home but Rue encounters childlike creatures called Poppul Purrels who want to "play" with Rue. After Rue completes some tasks Mel arrives and Rue is visibly astonished by her appearance. Rue asks Mel for her help and at first she refuses, stating the relic is too dangerous. She goes on to explain that the relic was made by Valen, possibly the most powerful Aeon ever, and his relic could destroy the world. Rue says he doesn't care he has no choice while at the same time thinking about Mel's story. Rue hasn't heard the name Valen before and yet it sounds very familiar. Mel relents and decides to help Rue in exchange for him finding one of the purrels who went into town but hasn't returned. Rue finds the purrel in the forest who is being bullied by Blood and Smokey. Rue once again beats the thugs and saves the purrel who thanks Rue and returns home. Rue also returns to town and that night has a nightmare about Claire. Rue returns to Mel's who has finished examining the cube. Mel then hesitantly asks Rue to stick around. She then apologizes for being blunt, telling him he is not human. She states that this is because every human has one soul but Rue seems to be carrying two. Rue takes off his hat and says that she is correct, revealing a bright blue gemstone on his forehead. He states he doesn't know what or who he is and tells Mel his story.

Rue explains that he awoke in some ruins 5 years prior with no memories and a terrible headache. He wandered around and eventually collapsed and was found by Claire. She took him in and when she discovered he had no memories and no place to go she gave him a home. They lived happily for two years until the fateful night the black-handed creature appeared. It is revealed that after Claire was struck down a strange power surged through Rue and he was able to beat the monster who then fled. Rue went to Claire's side trying to revive her but with no luck. As he sunk his head Claire's soul reacted to Rue's stone. Rue absorbed Claire's soul and resolved to keep her safe and find a way to bring her back.

Mel deeply sympathizes with Rue but again, warns him of Valen's Relic. Rue leaves and finds Mint outside with Elena. Rue is visibly upset but Mint doesn't get it and walks in to see Mel. Elena returns with Rue who finally explains to her that he is not a pollywog, but can't explain why he has his powers. Rue then runs into Duke and fights him again. Beaten Duke flies away and Rue and Elena return to town. At Klaus's house Rue and Klaus open the cube wich contains a small boy. Mint arrives and explains the boy is a doll who was created to break the seal at the lake ruins but is incomplete. Klaus reveals that they need the tiara,a pair of earrings, a pair of sollerets, and a pair of gauntlets, located at two locations. Mint suggests they split up, sending Rue to the Ghost Temple.

Rue goes to the Ghost temple and beats 3 guardians for three of the items. He then runs into Elena and tries to get her out but the doors lock behind him meaning the only way out is forward. After a few fights, Elena gets captured but Rue rescues her. They arrive at the final room but Duke is already there and has just beat the last guardian. He challenges Rue to a fight and losses but Elena helps him heal. Just then the walls start to push in and Duke starts to hold back the wall while Rue smashes the door down. The three escape and Duke hands over the item to Elena for her help.

Rue returns to town with the items while Mint arrives with the earrings. Klaus places the items on the doll and magically it springs to life. Rue talks to the doll who calls itself Prima Doll. Prima seems to insult Mint unintentionally (or so he claims) and expresses that he is incomplete. Klaus reveals that they need a amulet made from Phantomite, which can only be obtained from Wylaf on Raging Mountain. Wylaf is an old and powerful dragon who guards the gemstone. Mint decides to go after the tiara Belle stole and sends Rue to deal with Wylaf.

Rue makes his way up Raging Mountain and comes across Belle and Duke and their new machine the Hexagon. Rue fights both Belle and Duke and wins forcing them to retreat. Rue then makes his way to the top of the mountain and encounters Wylaf. Wylaf is angry about being disturbed and when Rue tries to explain himself, Wylaf reads his mind. Wylaf tells Rue that he has phantomite but he will not give it to Rue. He goes on to call Rue selfish citing Mel's argument; Valen's relic is too dangerous and could destroy the world. Rue pledges that all he wants to do is saving Claire. Wylaf calls his words meaningless and wants Rue to prove himself by fighting him. Rue reluctantly agrees. Wylaf stops the fight after a few rounds telling Rue his heart is true and gives him the gemstone. Rue asks if Wylaf is sure to which he responds he has faith Rue will succeed.

Rue returns to town and runs into Blood and Smokey who challenge him to a fight. Rue accepts and meets them in the forest, only to discover his opponent is not the thugs, but a new foe called Trap Master. Rue defeats Trap Master but he claims he was holding back and isn't supposed to kill him yet. He then disappears leaving Rue puzzled. The thugs decide to try and attack Rue but once again are defeated. Rue decides to return to town.

Klaus gets ready to make an amulet from the phantomite and Mint arrives with the tiara. Rue asks how she got it back and Mint avoids the question. Placing the tiara on Prima he suddenly becomes energetic and acts like a small boy. He takes to deliberately insulting Mint but then becomes paralyzed. Klaus determines he is out of energy and advises Rue to go see Mel.

Rue & Mint

Rue with Mint.

At Mel's Atelier, Mel confirms that Prima is low on energy but has a solution involving one of her "kids" named Gortoan. Rue fights Gortoan and obtains his form and returns to Klaus's house and zaps Prima. Prima feels completely recharged and begins jumping around. Klaus advises Rue he will complete the amulet shortly. Rue visits the lakeside and finds Mint and Elena there. Mint talks about her plans for world domination and offers positions in her regieme to both Elena and Rue. Rue declines and Mint calls his life boring. She then mentions that she can't keep "them" waiting too much longer. When Elena and Rue question her, she takes off. Rue suspects Mint is up to something again. Rue returns to town and visits Klaus and Prima. Prima wants to see the ruins so Rue takes him there. At the lakeside Prima confesses his fear that he is just a tool and when they break the seal he'll become nothing. Rue comforts him saying he is alive and life is a gift and promises to find something fun for the two of them to do after they get the relic. Rue takes Prima back to town and Klaus tells them he has finished the amulet. Prima puts it on and says he feels great and stronger. As they prepare to leave, Klaus's ankle acts up. Prima and Rue feel responsible but he doesn't blame them. Rue tells him to rest and goes to see Rod about getting a ride in his boat to the ruins. Rod says he will if Rue beats him in a fight. Rod offers a ride whether Rue wins or not and after saying goodbye to Klaus and the family departs for the ruins, leaving an angry Mint behind who is revealed to be working with Belle and Duke, who decide to follow Rue.

At the ruins Prima starts reciting the chant which will break the seal and to his surprise, Rue finishes the spell. Both are confused as to how he knows this but decide to proceed on. However just as Prima starts they are stopped by a strange group of people. This group is from the East Heaven Kingdom of sorcery and is led by princess Maya. A man in a mask, known as Doll Master, address's Rue telling him he is not allowed to retrieve the relic. Maya also forbids Rue from proceeding and warns him to leave. Rue refuses claiming he has worked too long and too hard and he has to save Claire. Maya then attacks Rue with her own Aeon relic called the Book of Cosmos. Rue is about to succumb when he cries out to Claire and once again his hat flies away and a strange power surges through Rue and he is able to beat Maya. However Doll Master intervenes and places a strange binding spell on Rue which cements Rue to the ground unable to move. Doll Master then grabs Prima and threatens him to open the seal or die. Prima declares he is pure evil and will never help him, deciding instead to power down and cement himself to the gate preventing anyone's entry. Doll Master visibly angered moves towards Rue but is cut off by the Hexagon. It is revealed to be Mint and Belle. Mint orders Belle to get Rue while Doll Master Charges up a spell ready to attack but is then blocked by Duke. Duke attacks Doll Master to stall for time while Belle picks up Rue and Mint. Duke is knocked away and the group retreat. Maya then uses the book to erect a tower to guard the ruins.

Arriving back in town Rue meets Mint, Belle and Duke at the tavern. Here Rue tells the group why he fights so hard to get the relic. After hearing his story Belle and Duke feel sympathy for Rue and tell him Mint was planning on double crossing him. Mint feeling ashamed quickly counters saying if they weren't following him they wouldn't have been there to save him. Rue resolves to find a way to save Prima and get the relic. Rue then decides to get some sleep, however he is awoken by a strange feeling. He looks out the window and see's....Claire! Rue chases her all over town, thinking he is seeing a ghost. Eventually he finds her in the church but suddenly she is lifted into the air and a man appears and challenges Rue to a fight. Rue wins and he reveals himself to be Pyscho Master, who was part of Princess Maya's entourage but apparently is only loyal to Doll Master. Pyscho master takes Claire and tells Rue to come to the Tower if he wants to save her. Rue angrily lashes out but stops short of destroying the church resolving to save Claire.

Rue arrives at the tower and runs into Trap Master who tells him Rue's only way out is to continue up as he's laid a trap at the door. With no other choice Rue fights his way to the top of the tower and finds Claire waiting for him. However she starts taunting Rue calling him pathetic. However it turns out that this isn't Claire but another henchman named Mode Master, a woman with similar shape shifting powers to Rue. Rue moves to attack her but stops short when she transforms back into Claire. Rue cannot bring himself to attack her, even though he knows it's only a disguise. Mode Master disappears and suddenly Doll Master arrives behind Rue taunting him further. Rue's power starts to rise again and Doll Master tell's him his rage isn't enough to beat him. He then tell's him he'll help him release his full power and challenges him. Doll Master casts a spell that gives him a large black hand. Rue is astonished; Doll Master is the creature that killed Claire. Doll Master laughs and confirms this theory and Rue attacks. Despite his best efforts Rue loses the fight and is knocked out. Maya arrives demanding answers but Doll Master announces he's ending his charade as the loyal servant. He claims Maya's usefulness has come to an end and orders Psycho Master to take her relic. Doll Master then uses a spell similar to his special binding spell he used on Rue before, but this time he uses it to control and release Rue's full power. He then uses the unconscious Rue to destroy the book of cosmos.

American Cover

Rue awakens in a strange realm next to Maya, who explains the book functions as a gateway into space. Maya heals Rue and takes him to see the last surviving Aeon Atenacius, who merged with the book to stay alive. Atenacius becomes violent upon seeing Rue's stone, calling him Valen's servant, and attack's him. Doll Master Arrive's and absorbs Atenacius's power killing him. Doll Master reveals that both he and Rue are dolls created by Valen for the single purpose of resurrecting him after the other Aeon's turned against him and destroyed his body, but not his spirit which is sealed away. Rue's stone is a shard of the relic called "Dewprism", and as such grants Rue extraordinary power. Doll Master reveals he is the one who woke Rue in the ruins however saw Rue's memory was damaged. Rue is disbelieving but Doll Master removes his mask to reveal a stone like Rue's, however his is not bright, citing he, like Rue, is a failed creation. This is because his powers were lost but not his memories which allowed him to know who and what he was and that his duty was to resurrect Valen. Rue tells Doll Master his only duty is to save Claire. Doll Master tell's Rue they're brothers to which Rue angrily replies they'll never be family. Doll Master apologizes for killing Claire calling it an accident and tells Rue he can use the Dewprism to bring her back along with Valen. Rue refuses telling him he will never join him or resurrect Valen. The two part ways.

Doll Master forces Prima awake and opens the ruins which turns out to be a floating fortress. Doll Master, who's name is revealed to be Ruecian, meets with his lackeys (Trap Master, Mode Master, and Psycho Master) telling them their jobs and then continues on into the fortress. Rue and Maya arrive in town and witness the fortress rising in the sky. Rue talks to Maya about the recent events and his conflicting feelings, saying that he may just be a doll and his feelings may be artificial, but his promise to Claire is real and decides to find a way to the fortress needing a pair of Wings.

Rue makes his way to Raging mountain and battles Trap Master a final time. Rue spares his life and continue's on coming upon Mode Master. He defeats her and continues forward finally reaching Wylaf. The dragon offer's Rue his form and discuss's with Rue his recent revelations. Wylaf tells Rue that he has been thinking about his promise to Claire all wrong. He has always thought it was his duty to save Claire, but Wylaf tells him that no one ordered him to do it, he followed his own heart. A sense of duty is strong but Rue is led by something much stronger, his will. Rue, feeling empowered after this, prepares to leave for Valen's Fortress.

All of Rue's friends wish him luck and to fight hard to save Claire. Rue transforms into a dragon as Mint comes rushing after him. Rue knocks her out apologizing but stating that this is his fight. Rue arrives and finds Prima low on energy. Rue promises to stop Doll Master and take him back to Carona. Prima notes how Rue has changed (something Klaus also noticed) and telling him he is stronger than ever. Prima decides to rest, reverting to his cube form, and Rue enters the fortress.

After battling his way through the fortress, Rue comes across Pyscho Master and fights him. Rue defeats Psycho Master, seemingly killing him. Rue continues on, fighting monsters and solving puzzles until finally he comes across Doll Master. After a discussion in which Rue claims he won't give up or forgive him, Doll Master decides to fight rue in his creature form. Rue defeats him telling Doll Master his will is stronger than Doll Master's duty to Valen. He also tell's hm he shouldn't be Valen's servant because of some order, and that being alive they have their own will and can choose what they want to do. Doll Master comments on the irony of his situation, saying that if he wasn't defective and hadn't killed Claire, Rue's will would have remained dormant and he couldn't have defeated him. Doll Master then feels much regret for his actions and feels it would be better if he wasn't born at all. He then faints and Rue continues ahead past the final gate.

Japanese Cover

Inside Rue finds the Dewprism and Valen's spirit, who was released once the seal of the ruins was broken. Rue tells Valen he wants to save Claire and Valen tell's him to "pray" to the Dewprism. Rue wish's for Claire to be brought back to life and her soul leaves Rue, touches the Dewprism, and is brought back to life, but is unconscious. Valen then takes over her body claiming he will use it to reclaim his strength and take over the world. Rue angrily yells at Valen to leave her alone and Valen decides to fight Rue. Rue defeats Valen and suddenly Valen is ejected from Claire, noting that a human body cannot sustain him. He decides to take over Rue instead, using Doll Master's spell, which Valen calls a doll binding spell and there's nothing he can do. Just then Doll Master arrives and recites the spell to release Rue's power, encouraging him to fight saying his "will" can beat anything. Valen then strikes him down. Rue is able to break free from the spell and attack's Valen. Valen who is disintegrating decides to use the dewprism to give him a body. Rue goes to see Ruecian (Doll Master) and thanks him for his help, calling him Brother. Ruecian dies feeling happy that Rue has forgiven him. Rue fights Valen's monstrous form and defeats him. Valen takes hold of the relic and disappears, vowing to return. Rue goes to see Claire and finds he can't wake her but she is still alive. Rue picks up Claire and begins to run as the fortress has started to collapse. As he gets closer to the entrance monsters block his path, but Mint appears and beats them. She is both angry and pleased to see Rue and notices he is carrying Claire. Mint is ecstatic that the relic works but Rue informs her it is gone. She is miserable but there is no time to lose. Mint fights monsters while Rue carries Claire, but the two are separated as debris falls down trapping Rue and Claire. Mint goes to get help but Rod knows there's nothing they can do as there is no time. Mint refuses to leave so Rod knocks her out, silently apologizing to Rue. Rue tries to move the stone but it won't budge. He knows he can transform and escape but Claire would be left behind. Rue decides to stay with her accepting death knowing they're finally together. Just then Psycho Master appears and casts a spell on both Claire and Rue transporting them out of the fortress. Pyscho Master then kneels saying goodbye to Ruecian, somehow knowing this is what he would want. The fortress then explodes and everything fades to black.

Rue awakens to find he is alive and in Mel's care. Mel informs Rue everyone's okay even Claire. However Claire has not regained consciousness and Mel inform's Rue she may never wake up. Rue has faith she will and thanks Mel for her help. Rue goes to Klaus's house to see Claire but is stopped by Klaus and a newly revived Prima, who informs Rue Klaus and Mira have adopted him. Klaus tells Rue to come back later and Rue goes around town visiting his friends who cheer Rue up and thank him for being a good friend before they leave. Rue runs into Maya and Mint and he finds out they're sisters. Maya talks to Rue about her short comings and that she was too dependent on the book of cosmos. She praises Rue's strength and offers her magicians aid in helping Claire. Rue appreciates her help and the two leave on good terms. Outside Mint talks to Rue. Rue thanks Mint for her help and for worrying about him. Mint covers it up calling him lazy and that he owes her big time. Mint says when she finds a relic he is going to help her get it and runs off with Rue laughing saying "she bossed me around till the end".

Rue goes to check on Claire and Mira tells him he can't see her yet. Outside Rue is getting worried, but all of a sudden he turns around to see Claire. It turns out she woke up shortly before Rue did but was afraid to see him. She tells Rue it had been a long time and was afraid he'd changed somehow. While he has changed it was for the better and she holds out her hand to Rue's. Rue is overcome with emotion and turns away as he starts to cry. He say's he'd been dreaming of this moment for 3 years and now that it's come, his mind's blank and Claire understands who says they should say what they feel. Claire thanks Rue for saving her and he simply states "welcome back". Claire holds up her hands to hug Rue as he moves closer. Everyone appears outside to see Rue and Claire reunite and the church bell starts to ring as the scene fades away. (This may imply the two start a relationship).

Sometime in the future......

Maya recruits Rue's help as she has discovered another of Valen's dolls. They release him who is revealed to be Ruenis, and has both his powers and memories. He is ready to start resurrecting Valen but Rue tells him he has a choice in the matter and doesn't have to follow Valen's orders. Ruenis is unsure, saying that without his duty his life has no meaning. Rue tells him he found new meaning, and that he can too. Rue tells him he will help him in his search.



Later Ruenis is shown to be living with Claire and Rue when Mint arrives breaking through the door. She informs him Klaus has found a new relic site and she has come to recruit Rue's help. Ruenis tells her that it is one of Valen's ruins and Mint tells Rue she'll really need his help. She tells him all their friends are going and Rue is tempted to join but then looks at Claire. Claire gives him her blessing to go and see his friends and Rue decides to go, leaving Ruenis to protect Claire. Mint and Rue journey outside, but Rue stops at a grave sight to pay respects to Ruecian, whose mask is on the tombstone. Rue then begins his new journey with Mint by his side.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Rue wields the Arc Edge, an axe-type of weapon, being his main weapon of choice. He can unleash a three hit combo with the square button, as well a slash attack when used in the air. With the triangle button Rue can perform a quick spinning slash that deals less damage but knocks enemies down. When he unleashes his true powers, Rue's spinning slash is replaced by a block command that greatly reduces all damage taken, as long he is facing the opponent.

He also has the power to transform into some monsters he defeat by collecting the monster coins they drop. However, he cannot transform into boss monsters or some other specific creatures, such as the Behemoth. He can transform into a maximum of four monsters, in a cycle. If the player collects a fifth different monster, it will replace his oldest acquired transformation.

Monster Name Moves MP Cost
 Pollywog     Tail Slap  0 MP
Bite 0 MP
Saber Tiger Thrust 1 MP
Bite  0 MP
Mandola Bloom 0 MP
Seed 3 MP
Stinger Rolling Spine 1 MP
Spine 0 MP
Gargoyle Sonic Wave 1 MP
Kick 0 MP
Double Jump 0 MP
Ootang Scratch 0 MP
Stone 2 MP
Gudon Flame 4 MP
Tail Slap 0 MP
Imp Shooting Star 4 MP
Strike  0 MP
Fungie Sparkle 4 MP
Head Slam 0 MP
Cockadoo Peck 0 MP
Double Jump 0 MP
Puppet Combo  0 MP
Strike 0 MP
Specter Water 6 MP
Ice Blow 8 MP 
Skeleton Fall Apart     0 MP
Strike 0 MP
Fire Blob Sparks 16 MP
Head Butt 0 MP
Bubba Hammer* 0 MP  
Final Strike* 30 MP
Head Butt      0 MP  
Wabbit Duck 0 MP
Wing Slap 0 MP
Double Jump  0 MP
Pumpkin  Blowup** 30 MP
Collide 0 MP
Witch Spin  1 MP
Pumpkin Cannon 2 MP
Shaolon Lightning 10 MP
Thrust 1 MP
Hellhound Ice Blow 9 MP
Flame 11 MP
Jinn Tornado 18 MP
Tail Whip 0 MP
Double Jump 0 MP

*Able to destroy rocks
** Turns the player back into Rue after use.